Applied Electronic and Mechanical Technologies

All our work begins with a question, it all ends in a highly technological application; in the middle our history: learn, think, realize.
In one word, innovate.

The formulation of a problem is often more important than its solution, which may simply be a matter of mathematical or experimental skill. Raising new questions, new possibilities, approaching old questions from other angles, requires creative imagination and leads to real progress.

(Albert Einstein)


Thema 2 revolution consisted in applying electronics where it could bring essential changes to offer economic, practical and measurable profits. Ideas, therefore, are the starting point, but they must actually result in a concrete application. That is why, in everything we offer as a company, from advice to management, from control to finished product, the spirit of cooperation is not an option, as far as we are concerned: this is a principle that we cannot give up and that compels us to work in close contact with our customer’s technical services. Thus a constant revolution becomes a continuous advance in methods and in know-how, both for us and for our Clients.